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This area provides a comprehensive list of books that we feel are of interest to the TelAbility community. Use the search interface below to search by keyword or category for books related to your area of interest. If you find books that interest you click on [buy me] for online ordering. We are constantly reviewing and adding new books so please check back often.

Know a good book, don't see it here? Recommend it!
A Button in Her Ear (Concept Book), Ada B. Litchfield Illustrations by Eleanor Mill

Approximately 7% of school children some degree of hearing loss. Story reinforces a child's healthy attitude toward use of a hearing aid. For children in similar circumstances this story has special meaning and sets the stage for new understanding. [Buy Me]
All About Me, Roberta DePompei & Bob Cluett

Co-written by a pediatric brain injury survivor and a speech therapist, this hands-on, interactive booklet helps a child understand what it means to have a brain injury. Also available in Spanish. [Buy Me]
All About My Brother, Sarah Peralta

In this picture book, the eight year old author gives insights into the world of her younger brother, who has autism and is nonverbal. Through her simple depictions of Evan's everyday behavior, Sarah demystifies autism and encourages others to approach it without pity or fear. Sarah invites her young readers to share their ideas for how to live with siblings or classmates who have autism spectrum disorders. [Buy Me]
All Kinds of Friends, Even Green, Ellen B. Senisi

This is a beautiful story about friendship, despite difference. This photographed book shows how a small boy with disabilities finds friendship with his classmates, family, teachers, and even an iguana. [Buy Me]
Allie the Allergic Elephant, Nicole S Smith

A useful book about the most common type of food allergy. Written for children ages 4-8, this humorous book helps children understand that some foods can hurt other children and that peanuts can "hide" in lots of different kinds of foods. [Buy Me]
Andy Finds a Turtle, Nan Holcomb

Nan Holcomb, in one short book, motivates, communicates understanding and helps a young boy with a disability come to understand something about himself. [Buy Me]
Andy Opens Wide, Nan Holcomb

Andy has feeding difficulties because of problems controlling the muscles in his mouth. Eating is an ordeal for both Mom and Andy. This story helps friends and family understand the frustrations children with disabilities often feel when confronted by seemingly simple tasks. [Buy Me]
Andy and His Yellow Frisbee, Mary Thompson

In the school playground an autistic boy named Andy is closely watched by his sister while a new girl, Sarah, attempts to befriend him. The story views autism through the eyes of children, and parallels the behaviors and feelings of children with autism with their classmates and siblings. [Buy Me]
Book CoverBig Brother Dustin, Alden R. Carter Photos by Dan Young

A photo-story about Dustin, a young boy with Down syndrome, and the arrival of a new baby sister. [Buy Me]
Coping with a Physically Challenged Brother or Sister, Linda Lee Ratto

Young people talk about how they feel as siblings of the physically handicapped. [Buy Me]
Elvin the Elephant Who Forgets, Heather Snyder & Susan Beebe

A children?s book about a little elephant named ?Elvin?, who has a tree branch fall on his head! He can?t count his figs anymore, gets mixed up at school and doesn?t get along with his friends anymore. A visit to the neuropsychologist helps him understand that he?s not a bad little elephant... he has a brain injury. This book helps children, friends and classmates understand what it?s like to have a brain injury. Written for kindergarten through elementary school age children. [Buy Me]
Book CoverEverybody Has A Song, Evan and Barbara Chesler

This video, featuring Henry Winkler, successful actor, advocate, producer and children's book author, explains learning disabilities to children. In the video Winkler uses examples of very successful people that children know to model success in spite of LD. Winkler also motivates children to be successful, and to develop their unique strengths. The video also lets other children learn how to value the learning styles of all students- even those who learn differently. "Everybody has a Song" should be included in all classrooms, and it should be a "must see" for all children. [Buy Me]
Extraordinary Friends (Let's Talk About It), Fred Rogers, Jim Judkis (Photographer)

A children's book from "Mister Rogers" that talks about how to befriend children with disabilities even if they walk, talk, or behave in ways considered different from the norm. [Buy Me]
Book CoverHowie Helps Himself, Joan Fassler Pictures by J. Lasker

Designed to help the child with a disability and the sibling identify with some of the joys, stresses and strains of a disability. [Buy Me]
I Can Sign My ABC's, Susan Chaplin Illustrated by Laura McCaul

Full-color picture book with 26 signs- one for each letter-with manual alphabet hand shape, a picture, the name, and sign of a simple object beginning with that letter. Ideal book for teaching young children the alphabet. [Buy Me]
I'm Deaf and It's Okay (A Concept Book), Lorraine Aseltine Photographs by Evelyn Mueller

[Buy Me]
I'm the Big Sister Now, Michelle Emmert Illustrated by Gail Owen

How the loving care of family and friends can influence and benefit the quality of life for children with mental retardation and/or physical disabilities. [Buy Me]
In Our Own Words: Stories of Brothers and Sisters of Children with Autism and P.D.D.,

[Buy Me]
It Isn't Fair!: Siblings of Children with Disabilities,

[Buy Me]
Leo, the Late Bloomer, Robert Kraus

A heartwarming story boldy illustrated about how a little tiger named Leo bloomed. Leo couldn't do anything right. He couldn't draw and he was a sloppy eater. Then one day, in his own good time - Leo bloomed! [Buy Me]
Looking After Louis, Lesley Ely

Louis has autism, but through imagination, kindness, and a special game of soccer, his classmates find a way to join him in his world. Then they can include Louis in theirs. [Buy Me]
My Brother's a World Class Pain: A Sibling's Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity,

[Buy Me]
Book CoverMy Brother, Matthew, Mary Thompson

When a child with disabilities is born into a family, life typically shifts of focus on this child's special needs. Siblings often have difficulty adjusting and feel left out. This realistic and compassionate tale tells what happens and what it is like. [Buy Me]
Book CoverMy Buddy, Audrey Osofsky

Buddy is the best dog a boy could have. Fully illustrated, this book demonstrates the desire of people with disabilities to be independent. [Buy Me]
My Signing Book of Numbers, Patricia Bellan Gillen

This full-color picture book helps children learn their numbers in sign language. Each two-page spread has the appropriate number of things or creatures for the numbers 0 to 20. Signs for 30, 40, etc. to 100 and instructions on "how to" are included. [Buy Me]
My Sister is Special, Larry Jansen

A young boy explains how his sister is different and special because she has Down syndrome. Includes information to help parents discuss this topic from a Christian perspective. [Buy Me]
Nick Joins In, Joe Lasker

A story about a yooung boy who uses a wheelchair and his first days at school. While Nick wonders whether or not he'll fit in, he makes a good friend and ends up saving the day at recess. Recommended for ages 4-8. [Buy Me]
Book CoverPrincess Pooh, Kathleen M. Muldoon Illustrated by Linda Shute

A sibling secretly dubs her sister "Princess Pooh" because she sits on her "throne with wheels" and gives orders. An honest look at some universal feelings. [Buy Me]
Book CoverRolling Along With Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Cindy Meyers Illustrated by Carol Morgan

The classic tale retold with a special-needs twist. Here, Baby Bear uses a wheelchair, goes to physical therapy, and makes friends with Goldilocks. Lively, full-color illustrations, enhance this delightful story. [Buy Me]
Book CoverRolling Along: The Story of Taylor and His Wheelchair, Jamee Riggio Heelan

Taylor and Tyler are twin brothers and best friends. But the twins are different in one significant way: Taylor has cerebral palsy, while Tyler does not. Through Taylor's eyes we see how much effort he must expend to strengthen his legs, which are weak. He explains how valuable his new wheelchair is because it helps him maneuver more easily and do the things he want to do, like go to school and play basketball with his brother Tyler. [Buy Me]
Russ and the Apple Tree Surprise, Janet E. Rickert with photography by Pete McGahan

A story about an energetic young boy with Down Syndrome who finds out how much fun an apple tree in hi back yard can be. [Buy Me]
Russ and the Firehouse (Day With Russ), Janet Elizabeth Rickert

Russ, a five-year-old biy with Down syndrom, tags along with his Uncle Jerry, a fireman, during a day of work at a real firehouse. [Buy Me]
Sisters, Brothers, and Disability: A Family Album, Lydia Gans

Depicts 26 families raising childen with special needs, with an emphasis on the interactions with other siblings. [Buy Me]
Someone Special, Just Like You (An Owlet Book), Tricia Brown, Fran Ortiz (Photographer)

[Buy Me]
Sosu's Call, Meshack Asare

When a sudden storm threatens to flood his village, only Sosu can save the young and old from rising waters. But what can a boy whose legs don't work do? Find out in this touching story of empowerment and overcoming limitations. [Buy Me]
Sparky's Excellent Misadventures : My A.D.D. Journal, Phyllis Carpenter and Marti Ford with illustrations by Peter Horjus

Told in first person diary format, Sparky's week in the life tale is optimistic and fun, including many valuable insights and ideas that can help kids with ADD and ADHD gain more control of their lives. [Buy Me]
Taking Diabetes to School, Kim Gosselin

This color illustrated book for elementary age children contains an instructive story of a grade-schooler with diabetes who tells his classmates about the disease and how he manages it. [Buy Me]
Taking Seizure Disorders to School, Kim Gosselin

Written for ages 4-8 this book is designed to teach children about seizures. [Buy Me]
Book CoverThe Making of My Special Hand: Madison's Story, Jamee Riggio Heelan

Experience the curiosity and eager anticipation of Madison, a small girl born without her left hand, as she tells her story of being fitted for her "special" hand. Her helper hand, a prosthesis, will allow Madison to easily pick up toys, throw a ball, and carry her doll. This enlightening story offers a rare look at the making and fitting of a prosthesis, or in Madison's case, a helper hand. [Buy Me]
The People in a Girl's Life: How to Find Them, Better Understand Them and Keep Them (Dear Daughter), Martha Kate Downey, Kate Noelle Downey

Written for girls and young women who have difficulty understanding people around them, this book will help them to better comprehend family, friends, employers and many others they face every day. [Buy Me]
The Wonderful Life of a Fly Who Couldn't Fly, Bo Lozoff

This book tells the story of a young fly born without wings. It is a sweet story about learning to live with and triumph over our shortcomings. Though the fly never flies, she learns that mother nature never makes a mistake and she has the ability to enjoy all the beautiful things that surround her. It is written in rhyming verse that is easy for children to follow, and it is illustrated with pictures full of detail. [Buy Me]
Book CoverViews from Our Shoes : Growing Up With a Brother or Sister With Special Needs, Donald J. Meyer (Editor)

A useful book that normalizes the experience for siblings of children with disabilities. [Buy Me]
Book CoverWaiting for Mr. Goose, Laurie Lears with Illustration by Karen Ritz

An inspiring story about a young boy with ADHD who creates an innovative plan to help a goose who has been caught by a hunting trap. [Buy Me]
Book CoverWe'll Paint the Octopus Red, Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen and Pam Devito

When young Emma learns she'll have a new sibling soon, she thinks of all the activities she can do with the baby. But when her brother Isaac is born with Down syndrome, her father explains that she can probably do all of the activities she had planned, but that Isaac might require more time, patience, and help to do them. Illustrations accompany the story, which focuses on portraying Isaac as a baby, rather than a baby with Down syndrome. [Buy Me]
Your Body Belongs to You, Cornelia Spelman with illustrations by Tri Weidner

A thoughtful tale of how children can be encouraged to respect and control their own body's and actions. [Buy Me]
Zipper, The Kid with ADHD, Carolina Janover

A novel for children age 8-11 which captures the high energy, impulsive nature of a typical ten year old with ADHD. Zipper is a lovable, bright, motivated boy. To realize his goal, he must come up with a plan and stick with it...Appendix includes ADHD facts and a source list for support. [Buy Me]


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