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This area provides a comprehensive list of books that we feel are of interest to the TelAbility community. Use the search interface below to search by keyword or category for books related to your area of interest. If you find books that interest you click on [buy me] for online ordering. We are constantly reviewing and adding new books so please check back often.

Know a good book, don't see it here? Recommend it!
All About Me, Roberta DePompei & Bob Cluett

Co-written by a pediatric brain injury survivor and a speech therapist, this hands-on, interactive booklet helps a child understand what it means to have a brain injury. Also available in Spanish. [Buy Me]
Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury : Diagnosis, Assessment,, Erin D. Bigler, et al.

A well balenced and comprehensive treatise on childhood traumatic brain injury. Covers a wide variety of issues surrounding brain injury in children from social expectations to assessment of skills. [Buy Me]
Children with Acquired Brain Injury, George H. S. Singer, et al. (Editors)

The authors use real-life examples to show you how to help families: find appropriate educational, vocational, and rehabilitation programs for their children; equip their children for a smooth transition form high school to college or the work world; meet the needs of siblings; and ensure more successful school experiences. [Buy Me]
Elvin the Elephant Who Forgets, Heather Snyder & Susan Beebe

A children?s book about a little elephant named ?Elvin?, who has a tree branch fall on his head! He can?t count his figs anymore, gets mixed up at school and doesn?t get along with his friends anymore. A visit to the neuropsychologist helps him understand that he?s not a bad little elephant... he has a brain injury. This book helps children, friends and classmates understand what it?s like to have a brain injury. Written for kindergarten through elementary school age children. [Buy Me]
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury : A Clinician's Guide, Michael J. Raymond

An innovative text that addresses the medical, legal, and rehabilitation issues surrounding mild brain injury. It serves as a clinical guide to assessment, diagnosis and treatment of problems associated with mild brain injury. [Buy Me]
Book CoverNeurologic Rehabilitation : A Guide to Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment Planning, Virginia Mills and John W. Cassidy, MD (Editors)

Provides a foundation for understanding neurologic disorders that rehabilitation clinicians encounter in their patients, using a conceptual approach to rehabilitation called the 'neurologic rehabilitation model'. Chapters on various disorders follow this model to describe a systematic approach to diagnosis and prognosis and discuss specific examples of rehabilitative treatment strategies and methods, with case examples. Ideal as an introduction for students and a reference for professionals in physical and occupational therapy, speech pathology, neuropsychology, neurology, psychiatry, and social work. [Buy Me]
Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury : Proactive Intervention, Jean Blosser and Roberta DePompei

This second edition presents a detailed approach to functional evaluation, treatment and management of children and adolescents with traumatic brain injury. Written primarily for speech therapists, psychologists and allied health professionals, this text is a critical resource for rehabilitation programs and schools. Contains many tables, charts and checklists to synthesize information and provide practical tools. [Buy Me]
Signs and Strategies for Educating Students With Brain Injuries : A Practical, Gary Wolcott et al.

A practical guide for teachers and schools. Guidelines, practical tips, and intervention strategies that enable parents and teachers to better understand the educational needs of children and adolescents with brain injuries. [Buy Me]
Signs and Strategies for Educating Students With Brain Injuries: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Schools, Marilyn Lash, Sue Pearson, & Gary F. Wolcott

This book gives a basic overview of the consequences brain injuries can have upon a child?s learning, behavior and adjustment in school. It discusses planning for the child?s initial return to school after an injury and changes over time. A special section on transition strategies helps prepare the student for moving from teacher to teacher, grade to grade and school to school with lots of worksheets for families and educators. [Buy Me]
The Child?s Brain: Injury and Development, Ron Savage

This booklet describes how the brain works and what happens when it is injured. Graphics illustrate the different parts of the brain how they function. An overview of brain development explains how the consequences of brain injury show up over time as the child grows. [Buy Me]
The Out of Sync Child, Carol Stock Kranowitz

A popular book about sensory integration therapy and its ability to help children with sensory processing challenges. [Buy Me]


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