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This area provides a comprehensive list of books that we feel are of interest to the TelAbility community. Use the search interface below to search by keyword or category for books related to your area of interest. If you find books that interest you click on [buy me] for online ordering. We are constantly reviewing and adding new books so please check back often.

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A Place for Me : Including Children With Special Needs in Early Care and Educational Settings, Phyllis A. Chandler

A reviewer on has written "This book is a good place to start for Early Childhood Educators who are beginning to grapple with issues surrounding inclusion. As more and more children with special needs are joining typically developing children in mainstream child care settings, teachers and parents are discovering a need to evaluate their assumptions about what impact these children may have on their program. This book teaches that inclusion need not be difficult- it can be easily acheived and is beneficial to all involved [Buy Me]
Book CoverAssessing Infants and Preschoolers With Special Needs, Mary E. McLean, Donald B. Bailey Jr, and Mark Wolery

Examines assessment issues, considerations, and procedures that can help pinpoint intervention needs. Key topics include: assessment of family concerns, resources, and priorities presenting the latest information on strategies for complying with recent legislative mandates. Emphasis throughout on family-centered assessment and assessment in natural environments that reflects current thinking about inclusion (i.e.: infant cognitive development, preschool cognitive skills, motor skills, communication skills, social interaction skills, play skills, and self-care skills). For early childhood special educators and other professionals who work with infants and preschoolers. [Buy Me]
Book CoverBabies With Down Syndrome (The Special-Needs Collection), Karen Stray-Gundersen (Editor)

A complete guide for new parents of babies with Down syndrome. Written by professionals and parents covering everything needed to raise these beautiful and special children. [Buy Me]
Battle Cries: Justice for Kids with Special Needs, Miriam Edelson

In Battle Cries, author Miriam Edelson lays out a throrough map of the current services and supports available to children with special needs and their families, followed by a discussion of the impediments these families face in the effort to achieve true inclusion in society. Drawing in part on the current Swedish model of care, she offers a strategy for achieving significant improvement to existing Canadian practices and thus a brighter, more hopeful future for our most vulnerable children. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Miriam Edelson is a social activist, mother and writer living in Toronto. Her literary non-fiction and commentaries have appeared in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, CBC Radio and This Magazine. Her first book, My Journey With Jake: A Memoir of Parenting and Disability was published in April 2000. [Buy Me]
Beginning Literacy With Language : Young Children Learning at Home and School, David K. Dickinson and Patton O. Tabors

Through research gathered in the Home School Study of Language and Literacy Development, the authors share with you the relationship they've found between the critical, early parent-child and teacher-child interactions and children's kindergarten language and literacy skills. You'll explore both the home and school environments of these children at ages 3, 4, and 5. You'll see how families talk to their young children during everyday activities like book reading, toy play, and mealtimes. You'll also examine children's conversations throughout the classroom day and consider how teachers strive to support children's development. In each chapter, you'll see how the data was collected,read actual transcripts of parent-child and teacher- child interactions,recognize how these interactions relate to later development,get suggestions for supporting children's language and literacy development, andlearn how these findings play out in the lives of four of the children in the study. Find out how young children's home and classroom experiences during the preschool years are related to their kindergarten language and literacy skills, and discover the kinds of conversations that make a difference. [Buy Me]
Behavioral Intervention for Young Children With Autism : A Manual for Parents and, Catherine Maurice, et al.

A manual with a wealth of practical information for parents, professionals, and others concerned with helping children with autism. Contains stories of those who have benefitted from behavioral interventions. [Buy Me]
Breakthrough Parenting for Children with Special Needs, Judy Winter

Written by the mother of a boy with cerebral palsy, this book is full of information about special needs parenting that focuses on positive parenting, while addressing everyday practical matters using a proven, motivational, how-to approach. [Buy Me]
Child Care and the ADA : A Handbook for Inclusive Programs, Victoria Youcha Rab et al.

Designed for educators and administrators in childcare settings, this how-to-guide offers a straightforward discussion of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and including children with disabilities in community programs. [Buy Me]
Collaborative Teams for Students with Severe Disabilities, Beverly Rainforth and Jennifer York-Barr

This book's second edition provides in-depth guidance on assesment, curriculum development, and intruction for students with severe disabilities. Includes updated information on changes in practices, legislation, and terminology. [Buy Me]
Early Intervention Practices Around the World, Edited by Samuel L. Odom, Marci J. Hanson, James A. Blackman, and Sudha Kaul

Discusses what kinds of early intervention practices other countries are developing and implementing, and what we can learn from them. Spotlights practices at work in China, Sweden, Ethiopia, Portugal, India, Israel, Australia, Germany and other countries. Chapters are built around early intervention practices in regards to: service delivery models, family support, professional development, and organizational support. Each chapter looks at early intervention in one country, and discusses it within social, political, and economic contexts. [Buy Me]
Book CoverHandling the Young Cerebral Palsied Child at Home, Nancie R. Finnie and Nancy Finnie

A practical manual for children ages up to five years old. Explores parent's central role; includes answers to many common questions, provides practical suggestions for the handling of a child's routine activities. [Buy Me]
Book CoverIn Time and With Love : Caring for the Special Needs Baby, Marilyn Segal, Ph.D.

For families and caregivers of preterm and handicapped children in their first three years. More than 100 tips on adjusting and coping, nursing, dressing, social skills, games and activities, discipline, decision making, and much more. [Buy Me]
Book CoverInclusive Child Care for Infants and Toddlers : Meeting Individual and Special Needs, Marion O'Brien

This educational book gives child care providers the practical guidance they need to serve infants and toddlers with and without disabilities in an inclusive setting. Students preparing for careers in child care and professionals working in settings that welcome children of all abilities will find this resource to be a valuable tool for providing high-quality services to their young clients. [Buy Me]
Infants and Toddlers in Out-Of-Home Care, Debby Cryer, Thelma Harms

This thorough and evidence-based text gives you all the critical information you need to develop the best out-of-home child care for children in their first three years. [Buy Me]
Interdisciplinary Clinical Assessment of Young Children With Developmental Disabilities, Michael J. Guralnick, Ph.D.

Features case studies that offer an inside look at how team members from various disciplines bring together biological, societal, and cultural factors to design beneficial intervention plans for children and their families. [Buy Me]
Interdisciplinary Clinical Assessment of Young Children with Developmental Disabilities, Edited by Michael J. Guralnick

Written with an international perspective. Offers insight from veteran team members on establishing and maintaining interdiscplinary collaboration. Contributors represent fields such as: audiology, nutrition, psychology, social work, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, developmental pediatrics, and occupational therapy. Includes case studies and an appendix of photocopiable questionnaires. Lends perspective on how practitioners gather information, approach assessment, and make decisions, while facing challenges within their own disciplines. [Buy Me]
Learning Language and Loving It, Elaine Weitzman

This book is designed for early childhood educators, special educators, and speech-language pathologists. It addresses the range of factors that affect children's language learning in an early childhood setting. It also discusses ways to help children, especially those who are delayed or at risk of delay in social and/or language skills, participate fully in everyday interactions. It includes information on how adults can enhance children's language skills, gives "do's" and "don't's" for professionals, and offers two observation guides for evaluation of children's social, play, and language skills. [Buy Me]
Lives in Progress : Case Stories in Early Intervention, P.J. McWilliam, Ph.D.

Features 20 "unsolved" case stories based on actual work experiences of early interventionists accross the country. [Buy Me]
Meeting Early Intervention Challenges : Issues from Birth to Three, Lawrence J. Johnson, et al. (Editors)

Essential to early interventionists, early childhood educators, and service providers in their efforts to meet the requirements of federal legislation and deliver quality services to children and families. [Buy Me]
Book CoverPreemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies, Dana Wechsler Linden, Emma Trenti-Paroli, and Mia Wechsler Doron

Preemies is the only resource of its kind -- a comprehensive "Dr. Spock"-like reference that is both reassuring and realistic, delivering up-to-the-minute information on medical care in a warm, caring, and engaging voice. Authors Dana Wechsler Linden and Emma Trenti Paroli are parents who have "been there." Together with neonatologist Mia Wechsler Doron, they answer the dozens of questions that parents will have at every stage -- from high-risk pregnancy through preemie's hospitalization, to homecoming and the preschool years -- imparting a vast, detailed store of knowledge in clear language that all readers can understand. [Buy Me]
Purposeful Play: Early Childhood Movement Activities on a Budget, Renee M. McCall and Diana Craft

This book provides ideas for early childhood educators on how to make play materials out of unusual items from gutters and coat hangers. A great resource for providers and programs on a tight budget. [Buy Me]
Rethinking Pull-Out Services in Early Intervention : A Professional Resource, R. A. McWilliam (Editor)

[Buy Me]
Strategies for Working With Families of Young Children With Disabilities, Paula J. Beckman (Editor)

In this strategy-packed text, authors address specific issues that early intervention workers come across in their daily work- issues like cultural diversity, conflicts with families, transitions to new programs, or the death of a child. [Buy Me]
Teaching 4- to 8- Year Olds, Carollee Howes

This paperback provides early childhood educators with research-based information and developmentally appropriate teaching practices in classroom community, literacy, mathematics and multiculturalism. Produced in conjunction with the National Center for Early Development and Learning. [Buy Me]
Teaching Communication Skills to Students with Severe Disabilities, June E. Downing, PhD.

Developed by a highly recommended expert, this practical guide has the comprehensive, research-based information you need to help students with disabilities realize the benefits of effective communication. This book shows you how to analyze environments for their communicative value, assess the communication skills of students from preschool to high school, teach specific skills such as gaining attention and requesting, work with students who use ACC, and guide peers and adults in supporting students with disabilities. [Buy Me]
The Autism Encyclopedia, John Neisworth and Pamela Wolfe

This A-Z encyclopedia for parents and professionals defindes more than 500 terms from various disciplines. [Buy Me]
Book CoverThe Early Intervention Dictionary : A Multidisciplinary Guide to Terminology, Jeanine G. Coleman

Defines and clarifies terms used by the many different medical, therapeutic, and educational professionals who provide intervention services. [Buy Me]
The Effectiveness of Early Intervention, Michael J. Guralnick Ph.D.

Summarizes and interprets research and program outcomes since the passage of PL 99-457 and provides much-needed direction for second-generation research in the field. [Buy Me]
The Grandparent's and Other Relative Caregiver's Guides, Children's Defense Fund

The Children's Defense Fund has created four helpful guides, written specifically for kinship caregivers. The booklets are written in question and answer format and include information on important issues affecting the children in their care, federal programs, eligibility requirements, and how to enroll the children they are raising. There are four booklets: * Grandparent's and Other Relative Caregiver's Guide to Raising Children with Disabilities * Grandparent's and Other Relative Caregiver's Guide to Child Care and Early Education Programs * Grandparent's and Other Relative Caregiver's Guide to Food and Nutrition Programs for Children * Grandparent's and Other Relative Caregiver's Guide to Health Insurance for Children There is no charge for single copies of each guide. To order please contact the Children's Defense Fund at (202) 662-3568 or [Buy Me]
Book CoverThe Premature Baby Book : A Parent's Guide to Coping and Caring in the First Years, Helen Harrison and Ann Kositsky

This supportive and comprehensive guide helps parents of premature babies deal with the emotional, medical and practical issues they face. Includes medical information, practical advice and personal accounts. [Buy Me]
The Young Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child, Barbara Bodner-Johnson & Marilyn Sas-Lehrer

This book addresses the complex issues of early intervention and education for young dear and hard of hearing children and their families. [Buy Me]


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