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Wake County Services and Resources for Children Birth-5
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 AT (6) 
 Autism (28) 
 Cerebral Palsy (10) 
 Down Syndrome (13) 
 Early Intervention (31) 
 Education/Childcare (64) 
 Family Life (72) 
 Feeding/Nutrition (12) 
 For Children (46) 
 General (213) 
 Head Injury (11) 
 Hearing Impairment (8) 
 Medical (16) 
 Occupational Therapy (9) 
 Physical Therapy (8) 
 Play/Recreation (7) 
 Sleep (1) 
 Speech/Communication (15) 
 Spina Bifida/Spinal Cord Injury (5) 
 Transition (5) 
 Vision Impairment (5) 


This area provides a comprehensive list of books that we feel are of interest to the TelAbility community. Use the search interface below to search by keyword or category for books related to your area of interest. If you find books that interest you click on [buy me] for online ordering. We are constantly reviewing and adding new books so please check back often.

Know a good book, don't see it here? Recommend it!
Andy Finds a Turtle, Nan Holcomb

Nan Holcomb, in one short book, motivates, communicates understanding and helps a young boy with a disability come to understand something about himself. [Buy Me]
Book CoverCaring for Children With Cerebral Palsy : A Team Approach, John P. Dormans and Louis Pellegrino (Editors)

Provides detailed information on a multitude of issues, including: definitions, diagnosis, prognosis, health maintenance, preventive care, orthopedics, feeding and nutrition, daily living skills, family, school, and community roles and much more. [Buy Me]
Collaborative Teams for Students with Severe Disabilities, Beverly Rainforth and Jennifer York-Barr

This book's second edition provides in-depth guidance on assesment, curriculum development, and intruction for students with severe disabilities. Includes updated information on changes in practices, legislation, and terminology. [Buy Me]
Development of Mature Walking (Clinics in Developmental Medicine, No 104/105), David H. Sutherland and Richard A. Olshen

Summarizes comprehensive study on the maturation of walking in normal children. Research involved over 400 studies on a total of nearly 300 children in ten age-groups from one to seven years. Data are presented on anthropometric measurements; tests of developmental progress; time/distance parameters; dynamic electromyography of phasic activity in seven lower-extremity muscle groups; and force measurements. At each age, composite joint-angle graphs and time/distance parameters are brought together with film tracings of a representative child in that age group. Practical applications are demonstrated in a chapter devoted to two case studies. [Buy Me]
Handbook of Pediatric Physical Therapy, Toby M. Long and Holly Lea Cintas

A succinct yet comprehensive reference handbook covering virtually all major topics in pediatric physical therapy practice. Includes growth and development, biomechanics, genetic disorders; clincal measures and standardized tests; pediatric orthopedic, neurological and cardiopluomonary disorders; adaptive equipment; posture and gait; and adminstrative issues including progral planning, goal setting, reimbursement and regulatory requirements. [Buy Me]
Interdisciplinary Clinical Assessment of Young Children with Developmental Disabilities, Edited by Michael J. Guralnick

Written with an international perspective. Offers insight from veteran team members on establishing and maintaining interdiscplinary collaboration. Contributors represent fields such as: audiology, nutrition, psychology, social work, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, developmental pediatrics, and occupational therapy. Includes case studies and an appendix of photocopiable questionnaires. Lends perspective on how practitioners gather information, approach assessment, and make decisions, while facing challenges within their own disciplines. [Buy Me]
Meeting the Physical Therapy Needs of Children, Susan Effgen,

Edited by Susan Effgen. [Buy Me]
Teaching the Young Child With Motor Delays : A Guide for Parents and Professionals, Marci J. Hanson and Susan R. Harris

Provides information to parents on how motor development influences other areas of development. [Buy Me]


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