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2nd Annual Run Walk & Roll Brings Hope and Fun
2nd Annual Run Walk & Roll Brings Hope and Fun: Register Now!
A Parent's Perspective on the Run, Walk & Roll
A Virtual Grand Rounds
Amtryke Bike Give Away
Another New Family Member
Carolina Pediatric Dysphagia Joins WATCH!
Center for Disease Control H1N1 Podcast
Charlotte UCP Staff Training
Circle of Parents Support Group in Alamance County
Community Partnerships to Offer Free Trainings to the EI Community.
Congress Passes the Combating Autism Act
Developmental Therapy Associates Joins WATCH!
Disability Rights NC Seeking Public Input
Downs Syndrome Support Group in Alamance County
Dr Alexander Elected to AAP post
Dr. Alexander Elected to National Committee Post
Dr. Alexander Interviewed for Baby
Dr. Alexander Reappointed to Governor's Commission
Dr. Alexander in Australia
Eating for Autism Book Review
FCC Chairman Visits Wilmington CDSA, Parents Praise TelAbility
Feeding Inservice to be offered via Video Conference
Formula Recall Alert !
Fundraising for TelAbility
Give & Take: A Six-Week Course For Families of Children With Special Needs
Good News- Minimal Cuts to Children and Families in 2010 NC Legisaltive Budget
Halloween Resources for Children with Special Needs
How to Collect Pledges for the Run, Walk & Roll
IFSP Handout Reprinted
Interpreters Program Up and Running in Wake County
It's a SNAP to Learn About TelAbility
Kids' Day or Nite Out!
Logan is back on his feet!
March of Dimes Campaign
Medicaid Provider Rate Reductions
NC Family to Family Health Information Center
NC Health Choice Changes it's Requirements
NC State Graduate Certificate in Family Life Development
New Apraxia Links Added!
New FPG Report Indicates An Increasing Number of Children with Special Needs in NC Child Care
New Handouts Section
North Carolina KIDBASE
Online registration for the Run, Walk & Roll closes at midnight Tuesday, April 27th
Over 1,000 Miles in One Morning
PTA Hosts Successful Videoconference Discussion
Paula Rowland Wins Palm Pilot
Project Enlightenment Book Drive
Project Enlightenment Parenting and Educator Classes
Project Enlightenment Trainings Now Posted on the TelAbility Calendar
Project Enlightenment: Wounded, but Still Alive!
Research Project
Run, Walk and Roll for TelAbility
Save the Date! The 2nd Annual Run, Walk & Roll
StarFest 2001
Subscribe to Our Newsletter!
Subscribe to Our Newsletter!
Support the TelAbility/WATCH Project by honoring Jennnifer and Ethan Pflatzgraff
Support the Wake County Cerebral Palsy Support Group
Tammy Lynn Center Begins Telemedicine Program
TelAbility & John Rex Endowment Work Together to Increase Access
TelAbility Attends North Carolina Physical Therapy Association Fall Chapter Meeting
TelAbility Discussion Forums Open
TelAbility Earns HONcode Certification Again
TelAbility Helps Give Power to the Parent
TelAbility House Calls?
TelAbility Moves Forward with New Technology
TelAbility Presents at Healthy Child Care Conference
TelAbility Presents at Statewide Early Intervention Communication Conference
TelAbility Presents at the AOTA Annual Meeting
TelAbility Presents at the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting
TelAbility Presents at the NC Assistive Technology Expo
TelAbility Presents at the NCPHA Annual Meeting
TelAbility Receives Videoconferencing Equipment Grant
TelAbility Recognized for Helping Families Find Community-Based Services
TelAbility Team Members Learn About Information Management
TelAbility Welcomes (Yet) Another New Famlily Member
TelAbility Welcomes a New Team Member !
TelAbility and MCNC
TelAbility at APTA
TelAbility at the ATA!
TelAbility at the Spina Bifida Association of North Carolina's Annual Parent Conference
TelAbility is "Innovation at Work"
TelAbility to Help Establish Telehealth Network for Young Children with Disabilities in Wake and Johnston Counties
TelAbility/WATCH visits Australia!
Telehealth Forum
The American Academy of Pediatrics Learns About TelAbility
The Lucy Daniels Centers Becomes the WATCH Project's 15 Program
The Project Enlightenment Book Drive Has Begun!
The Raleigh Children's Developmental Services Agency
The TelAbility Team Welcomes a New Member (sort of)
Training Opportunities for Early Childhood Educators and Parents
Triangle Area Htich-Up "Hearng Impaired Toddlers and Children Have Unlimited Potential"
Vail Bed Retrofit Notice
Virtual Advocacy Day to Support Services for Young Children
Virtual Grand Rounds
Virtual Grand Rounds
Virtual Grand Rounds
Visit the Wake LICC website today!
WATCH Telemedicine Program Takes Off
WATCH Videoconference En Espanol
WATCH and Child Care Services Association soon to offer trainings via video conference
Wake County Smart Start Family Forum
Welcome Thea !!
Welcome to Juliellen Simpson-Vos
What a Great Success !
What's New with WATCH? An Update....
Young Exceptional Children features TelAbility author
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