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Following are a few sample questions we have selected - you can use the category listing to the left to find more questions and answers relating to your areas of interest. Click on a question to see the answer.
I am trying to help a mom who has a young child with autism who is now trying to escape from her carseat while they are driving. Does anyone know if there are special latches or carseats that are harder to get out of?
 This question was posed to a number of experts on the WATCH ListServ, and the following are the responses: -I bought a device called BuckleGuard from Babies'R'Us. It slips right over the buckling mechanism and has a tamper resistant cover. It should be worth a try. -Vijaya Tangella, Psychologist -It appears that Babies r us no longer carries this but I did a google search for buckle guard and there are several websites that sell similar devices. Thank you for responding. I also have a family with this problem and I never realized there was a device to be used for seat belts. For the time being, the family placed her back in a harness car seat. -Alison, CCT -I've heard good things about the E-Z-On Vest -Joshua Alexander
Does anyone know of a private school that would be a good fit for a 6 year old with ADHD and learning disabilities?
 This question was posed to a number of experts on the WATCH ListServ, and the following are the responses. -Consider Fletcher Academy, although he might be a little young for them. -Don Rosenblitt, Director of The Lucy Daniels Center -Chesterbrook Academy in Cary, NC has a program that specifically works with children with LD. The program is called Paladin. It is expensive, but they are now fully mainstreaming the children into the private school setting with all the other supports for teachers and resource materials that, if they are still doing, are specific, research based and evidence based practices that will help children with ADHD, processing difficulties, social skill needs, and organization, study practices etc. I am not sure how it is run now, call Tina, the principal. -Mary Henson -If the family can make it over to Durham, I've heard good things about the Hill Center -Joshua Alexander -The Trilogy School is located behind CPI on Merton Drive (781-7804). Kids with ADHD and LD are their target population from what I understand. It is a small school with very small teacher/child ratios. -Kathi Gillaspy


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