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Book Resources for Children with Special Needs
Date: 12/01/2003
This TelAbility website review will highlight some noteworthy book and video sites available on the Internet for children who have special needs.

Very often, large-chain bookstores have some resources available on topics pertaining to children with special needs, but not expansive, easy to find collections. Below are two sites available that are geared specifically toward special needs.

Woodbine House: This site has a very large selection of books and videos available on various special needs topics. The site is easy to navigate and one can search for books by using a general search engine or clicking on the specific special need they are researching which is listed in alphabetical order. Some titles are also available in Spanish.

DisABILITIESBOOKS This site organizes its books and videos by separating them into three categories: Books and videos for adults with special needs, books and videos for children with special needs, their families and pediatric health professionals, and children?s books and videos designed specifically for children who have special needs. This site also contains some links to many resources that are available on the Internet pertaining to disabilities.

Another site worth noting is
Redleaf Press, which is a site geared towards books related to the family and child, but also has a specific link for special needs topics.

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